Technology and Innovation

Technology & Innovation

Tirupati Inks Technical Division has been set up with the belief that solutions to tomorrow's customer requirements have to be found today. That way, we strive for our success in the world markets, setting new standards in product performance. We are continuously working on innovative products, modern production processes, and new working methods. TIL's research and development (R&D) is essential to maintain the company's competitive position. We believe in providing a strong technology platform and act as partners with our present and future customers in product development.

Our technology platforms develop new applicable knowledge and outstanding technologies within our company, with a clear aim of development of solutions for our customers' needs. The technocrats in their special areas combine all their expertise in interdisciplinary and international teams working on some of the greatest challenges of our age. By such perfect interplay of different teams and customer feedback, we quickly develop innovative products for the markets - local and global.

To emerge from the position of new starter to domestic leader and leading global player in the printing inks and coatings sector by adopting best practices from procurement to market and after sales service with due emphasis for cost, quality and servicing.

During the course of our journey to top We will increase the value of our company and our global portfolio of diversified printing inks, coatings and related products by exceeding customers' expectations and operating excellence in every segment of our activities.

Accordingly the technical division function have been divided in to several sub sections as follows:

TIL R&D at Glance

  • Formulations – New Product Development - NPD
  • Print performance
  • New RM Evaluation
  • Analytical work
  • Cost reduction
  • Resin synthesis

Tirupati Inks R&D – Project categories

  • Introduction of new product lines
  • Cost reduction work
  • Evaluation of new raw materials
  • Expanding the product range and coverage
  • Resin synthesis & development
  • Competitor product evaluation
  • Product performance enhancement related work
  • Collating useful technical literature and data bases

NPD = New Product Development

"To-Be" process ensures that the NPD pipeline is always rich with ideas & the most promising ones are quickly taken forward. Graph