Liquid Inks For Flexible Packaging

Inks used for printing on flexible substrates which are used for producing flexible packaging materials, by Gravure and / or Flexo printing process, are referred to us Liquid Inks for Flexible Packaging. TIL has a complete range of liquid inks, both solvent based & water based.

Solvent Based Liquid Inks

TIL has a broad range of solvent based liquid inks foe various end applications in many systems viz: Vinyl Based, PU (Mod) based, Mod NC based , Polyamide based , Nitrocellulose based and few others.

We have inks for lamination purpose and for surface printing on various substrates viz: BOPET ( Plain , Corona Treated & Chemicaly Coated ), Treated BOPP, Treated PE, Paper, Alu. Foil, PVC & various other substrates.

Lamination Printing Inks

These inks offer :
  1. Excellent printing properties, high printing density , excellent print resolution & super half tone reproduction, on BOPET, BOPP & Nylon.
  2. Higher Lamination bonds with Metallised OPP, PET, Polyethylene, Alu Foil etc, using solvent based & solvent less lamination adhesives & by extrusion lamination.
  3. Diverse ink systems with high performance pigments, to select from, for running on machines at the speeds ranging from 60m/min to 300 m/min & beyond.

Surface Printing Inks

These inks offer :
  1. Excellent printing properties on flexible packaging substrates like Polyethylene, Plain PP, BOPP, PET, Met PET, Met BOPP, Alu Foil and Paper with excellent performance with lowest levels of solvent retention, rub resistance, slip, gloss and heat resistance
  2. Varied resins system like Polyamide, Modified Nitro Cellulose etc with full range of color spectrum of formulated products to meet printer & user specific requirements to ensure high print resolution at higher speed printing using fine anilox or cylinder engravings
  3. Freedom from migrating Plasticizers for outstanding performance, color density, mileage & trouble free printing characteristics

Pigment Concentrates

These concentrates offer :
  1. High pigmentation levels and easy flowing viscosities especially recommended for preparing solvent based gravure and flexographic printing inks
  2. Exhibit bright hue, high colour strength, high gloss and high transparency with very good rheological properties. Printing inks based on our pigment concentrates result in graphics with high brilliance, excellent printability and high resolution
  3. Free from banned solvent (like Toluene and MEK) and exclusively formulated with acetates and alcohols and high molecular weight, non-migrating plasticizers
  4. The rapid and complete solvent evaporation obtainable with our pigment concentrates based printing inks allows exceptionally high printing speeds to be achieved on modern fast running printing machines