Corporate Governance


Growth through Governance

TIL is in the forefront of implementation of Corporate Governance best practices
Corporate Governance at TIL  is based on the following main principles:

  • Constitution of a Board of Directors of appropriate composition, size, varied expertise and commitment to discharge its responsibilities and duties.
  • Ensuring timely flow of information to the Board and its Committees to enable them to discharge their functions effectively.
  • Independent verification and safeguarding integrity of the Company's financial reporting.
  • A sound system of risk management and internal control.
  • Timely and balanced disclosure of all material information concerning the Company to all stakeholders.
  • Transparency and accountability.
  • Compliance with all the applicable rules and regulations.
  • Fair and equitable treatment of all its stakeholders including employees, customers, shareholders and investors.

Corporate Governance is the reflection of our culture, our policies and our relationship with stakeholders and commitment to values. Tirupati Inks Ltd. understands and realizes the importance of good corporate governance and sees effective governance as critical to achieving corporate goals and increasing the company's value. It is of the opinion that good governance is a journey and not a destination and therefore the Board is entrusted with and responsible for oversight of the company's working in an honest, fair diligent and ethical manner.