Service of documents through Email


The Companies Act, 2013 has provided the facility of service of documents on members by a Company through electronic mode.

Accordingly the Company is permitted to send various notices and documents, including Annual Report, to its members in electronic form at the email address provided by him/her and/or made available to the Company by his/her Depository. Please note that these documents shall be available at the Company`s website for download by the shareholders.

In case you have not yet registered your email id (or you wish to change your already registered email id) you may get the same registered/ updated -

A) with your Depository Participant, in case you hold the shares in Demat form;

B) by writing to the Company by filling and sending back the attached E-communication Registration Form, in case you hold shares in physical form.

Shareholder(s) may also send a scanned copy of E-communication Registration Form, duly filled and signed, at the Email id for :

  • Download E-Communication Registration Form